Mathematics: Multiplication 1

Multiplication 1

Click on any of the following links to test your math fact multiplication skills…
Flashcard Practice (Expectations: Difficulty Level 1; ‘Whole Number Multiplication’ or you may choose Multiplication & Division; you choose the time limit.)
Multiplication Facts Matching
Multiplication Practice

When Mr. Sleeper allows, play the game below against a partner. Expectations: Difficulty Level 1; ‘Whole Number Multiplication’ or you may choose Multiplication & Division; you and your partner choose the time limit.
Arithmetic Connect Four

6th Grade Learning Lab

Gallery of Latino Oral Histories

Activity #1

With your partner: look around and find one biography that you like.

  1. Read it in Spanish and English (until it is fluent)
  2. Read it to Mr. Sleeper
  3. Summarize on paper: Main Idea + 2-3 key details
  4. Skip a line & write 1 evidence-based question and 1 inferential question
  5. Conference with Mr. Sleeper
  6. Write at least 3 vocab words (non Proper Nouns) that you/others have trouble with
  7. Listen to the pronunciation & write the correct definition in your own words
  8. Conference with Mr. Sleeper


Activity #2

Later: choose any 2017 article to read from the Tween Tribune, click on your Best Fit reading level.

  1. Read it to yourself twice.
  2. Read it to a partner while they follow along.
  3. Tell your partner the Main Idea + 2-3 key details.
    1. “The article was about…”
    2. “One key detail was that…”
    3. Another key detail was that…”
  4. Switch.