Tuesday, Dec. 11


Students are beginning a unit on WAVES:

ASSIGNMENT: Vocabulary words, definitions, colored sketches, due Thursday.

TERMS: wave, mechanical wave, transverse wave, compressional wave, electromagnetic wave, amplitude, wavelength, frequency, reflection, refraction, diffraction, interference, crest, trough, height

READING MATERIAL: click Waves text pages

GLOSSARY click Waves glossary

Monday, Nov. 19 through Tuesday, Nov. 20


ASSIGNMENT: Engineering Design STEM Parachute Part 2, on google classroom, due Monday Nov. 26, 11:59 pm.

Engineering Design Part 2 Parachute 2018

FOR THE PROTOTYPE PARACHUTE:The Independent Variable is the Trials (no unit) and Average Speed. [Write both Trials and Average Speed on the X-axis]. It will be on the X-axis.

Parachute Prototype Information

Procedure step hints

PROCEDURE STEPS:     Engineering Design STEM Parachute Part 2 Procedures