Classroom Procedures

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Third grade is a year of transitions for students; returning homework daily, recording expectations on a weekly assignment sheet, and entering the classroom and getting prepared for the day all on their own. That being said, your child has a very important team rooting for them and supporting them in their success; you and me!

I like to start off the year by sharing the way many systems in my classroom work, and how they are set up to help you support your student during this important year. If you have any questions or concerns about how things are progressing during the year, please let me know! Email is the best way to get in touch with me. My email address is, or messaging me on Class Dojo works well. Calling the school at 503-263-7120 and leaving a message at extension 3215 is another option.

Frequently asked questions:

What are the morning routines/expectations in your classroom?

Please do your best to make sure your child gets to school on time. The first bell rings at 8:45. At this time students are able to enter the classroom. A warning bell will ring at 8:55, and the final bell rings at 9:00 which marks the beginning of the day.

I ask that you say goodbye to your child at the door, and allow them to enter the room themselves. Now that they are in third grade, it is important that they begin learning how to unpack their things and get ready for the day on their own. The expectations for them after entering the room are listed below.

  • Walk into the room quietly and hang up coats and bags in the coat cubby.
  • Wash your hands with soap and water.
  • Put your lunch into the tub.
  • Place any necessary supplies for the day on your desk.
  • Return any notes from home.
  • Show me that a parent has initialed your daily assignment sheet.
  • Check to make sure your homework is complete and finish it if needed.
  • Quietly begin working on morning work, or read silently if all work is finished.

Often, students will have morning work waiting on their desk, or will use the time before the final bell rings to finish homework, or get supplies ready for the day. During this time, I also ask each student to check in with me so that I can collect homework assignments, check to see that their daily assignment sheet has your signature, and give them fluoride if they take it at school. When children come to class late, they miss this valuable time, and start the day feeling behind.

What is their daily assignment sheet? 

Students will be given daily assignment sheets at the beginning of each week. These sheets essentially function as a weekly planner. I ask that students write down all their work to be completed for that day. This gives parents the opportunity to check their homework folder to see if everything is done. I will remind students to record assignments and my assignment sheet will be posted and available to copy from. Parents, be sure to initial your child’s assignment sheet at the end of each day. This ensures that you are aware of your child’s progress in class, as well as what we are working on and learning about each day. I will check assignment sheets each morning. Students who have an initial for each day will receive a sticker.

What is homework like in third grade?

While I believe that it’s important for students to understand the importance and responsibility that comes with nightly homework, I also feel that too much can be detrimental. Everyone needs some down time! The homework policy at Eccles is that students should be doing 10 minutes of homework for every grade level they are in, plus reading for 20 minutes each night. If you find that your child has already been working on their homework for 30 minutes, but they haven’t finished, please write a note, or initial the assignment and I will give them more time.

Homework in my classroom usually consists of finishing up daily assignments, reading for 20 minutes, and practicing multiplication facts. I always allow students to get started on assignments in class so if they use their time well, they might only have reading and facts to practice. I believe that this helps them see the value in using their class time to the best of their ability. Completed homework should still be found in their homework folder so that parents can verify that it is finished.

What is your late work policy?


Students will be asked to work on any unfinished work at home, during morning work time before the bell rings, and during our Fun Friday recess time. I will send home weekly missing work reports on Fridays. If late work becomes a chronic issue, I will contact parents so that we can discuss a plan to help support your child.

What if they are absent or going to be absent?

Students are responsible to complete work that is missed on days when they are not here. It is helpful to have a sibling, friend, or someone else pick up the work for them at the end of that day. I allow one day beyond the number of days absent. For example, if a student is absent one day they will be allowed two days to return the missed work. If students are going to be leaving for more than two days, please let me know at least three days in advance so I can prepare work for them.

What consequences occur if they fail to follow the school rules and expectations?

All teachers at Eccles use the Positive Behavior Support program, or PBS. This program uses a system to help students become accountable for their behavior throughout the school and on busses. All students start the day with their clip on the green section of our behavior chart. If they are struggling to follow the school wide expectations they will be asked to move their clip down to yellow. If they are asked to move their clip down a second time in one day they will lose five minutes of morning recess. If this happens more than once during the week they will not be able to attend that week’s Fun Friday celebration. If a student continues to struggle, they will be asked to move their clip once again, resulting in landing on the red section. Once a student has reached the red section, the teacher will call home and notify the parent that the student has struggled to follow school wide rules and expectations. At the end of each week there will be a Fun Friday Celebration for students who did not lose their recess time more than once. Students who are unable to participate will spend that time in study hall, or meeting with our counselor or intervention specialist to talk about strategies they can use in the future.

What type of positive reinforcement is used in your classroom?

Students will be able to move their clip up on our behavior chart as I notice them exhibiting positive behavior. If a student reaches the very top of the chart, meaning that I have asked them to move their clip up three times during one day, they will be given an orange ticket.

When the entire class is working hard, being quiet, following directions, or gets a compliment from someone outside of the classroom, they will be rewarded with a class Dojo point. Once the class has earned a total of fifty points they will be given a special reward. Examples may include, a movie, free recess, or a short class party. The class will be able to brainstorm reward options and then vote on one.

I will honor students that are on task, working hard, and going above and beyond expectations by giving out tickets. Tickets will also be given to table groups with the tidiest area at the end of the day, to the winning line at the end of the week, to weekly group leaders, and that week’s special helpers. At the end of the week I will do a five ticket drawing. Students who win the raffle get a chance to pick a prize out of a treasure box.

Please let me know if you have any concerns or questions!


2017-2018 Class Schedule

Mrs. Paulson’s 3rd Grade Schedule:

8:45-9:00: Arrival and Morning Work (Wednesday: Late Start 9:45-10:00)

9:00-9:45: Cursive Handwriting/Read aloud

11:10-11:40: Specials (Monday: Computer Lab, Tuesday: PE, Wednesday: Library, Thursday: Music, Friday: Rotating Schedule)

11:45–12:25: Lunch/Recess

12:25-12:45: Silent Reading

12:45-2:15: Reading Block

2:15-2:30 Recess

2:30-3:20 *Unit Work

3:20-3:30 Clean up and Closing

  • Unit work includes Writing, Social Studies, Science, Health, and Art Instruction.

Academic Performance Levels for Third Grade:

4 Exceeds Grade Level Standards

3 Meets Grade Level Standards

2 Progressing Towards Grade Level Standards

1 Below Proficiency