Monthly Archives: May 2008

Water Cycle Fun by First Graders

In the month of April, the first graders in Mrs. Mead’s room learned the 4 parts of the water cycle: evaporation, condensation, precipitation, accumulation. We made our own water cycle models and then made a giant mural to hang in the hall. We worked hard on our painting and we wanted all the parents to enjoy our hard work.

Frog and Toad Reports

The first graders in Mrs. Mead’s reading block worked hard this week. We learned about frogs and toads. We first read a nonfiction book together and then we made a venn diagram comparing and contrasting these two amphibians. The students then wrote reports using details from their venn diagrams. Since all the reports couldn’t be displayed the students voted on the two that they thought were the best. These reports are by Kaitlin and Myah and I am displaying their work here: