Floor Hockey – Week #1

January 20th, 2017

We just finished up our first week of Floor Hockey! Students are LOVING it and the trips to the office for ice have been kept to a minimum 🙂


For Primary students the focus was on learning the parts of a hockey stick and the rules for how to use it (belly-button rule) safely.hockey stick


Belly-Button Rule : The blade of the hockey stick can not go higher than the players belly button.

pirate_hockey_player_cutout-r35dc40db0b774bca9e3ba1f9f55fbdf9_x7saw_8byvr_324Then we played a game called “Hockey Pirates” which is great because we work on moving with a hockey puck and also the importance of keeping control of the puck.

Students also learned how to safely steal a hockey puck away from each other during this fast paced game!


Registering Online for JR4H

You are able to create a account for collecting online donations for jump rope for heart (just like last year). Remember there are certain prizes that you can only qualify for by getting online donations. The first 24 students that receive online donations will also receive the rare “bling” duck to add to their lanyard of zoo characters.

zoo characters

If you click HERE you will be taken to a page to renew if you received online donations last year OR create a new account.

JR4H Online Registration

Once you create an account, you will have the option to send out donation requests in a variety of ways; text messages, twitter, facebook, and email. There are many ways to get friends and family involved in your efforts to raise money for the American Heart Association, even those that don’t live very close to you!

Let’s see if we can match last year’s fundraising amounts.

Mr. Hopkins




Jump Rope for Heart 2017

Here is a promo video for this year’s Jump Rope for Heart Event!!  I am excited to be participating again this year and with a new THEME “Zoo Crew” I believe that it will be as fun as ever 🙂

My next blog will be to go through the steps to create your own online account so that you can send emails and get online donations and prizes (Mr. Tusker – 1st online donation & Savanna Bolt – $85 online donations).

Let’s see what we can do at Lee and Trost Elementary Schools. Look for packets to go home this week – hopefully at both schools today, January 18th.

I Can… SHAPE Standards

Recently, I was searching for “GOOD” P.E. websites in efforts to do a better job with communicating what we are going in our Physical Education classes. I came across a great idea that visually displayed what students should be able to do (Standards) by the time they are finished with their elementary years…. 

I figured that I could make my own version of the posters and after spending some time (a lot of time), I think I have some pretty good looking “I Can…” posters to display in my gyms. Keep your eyes out and take the time to read each poster.
Standard 1:

Standard 2:

Standard 3:

Standard 4:

Standard 5:

2016-2017 Begins….

Summer has officially ended and we are “Back 2 School” and amazingly we have  finished with the 1st week!! Students have been reviewing the gym rules and expectations, as well as getting assigned new squad line spots for the year!

I am excited to be teaching at both schools again this year! If you click on each school’s schedule you can see when each class comes to see me for Physical Education. On Monday,Thursday, & Friday afternoons I am at Trost Elementary, and on Tuesday, Wednesday, & Friday mornings I am at Lee Elementary.

This year we will continue to build on skills that we learned last year, learn new games and activities, and continue to build on our fitness testing for grades 4th-6th. For the month of September we will be conducting different fitness tests (4-6), learning new exercises (K-3)…..

….. as well as working on different skills required (throwing & catching, running routes, playing defense, etc.) for playing Flag Football.