We Begin Unit 2 of the Text Book this Week

Dear Parents & Guardians:

We are beginning to use our new text books MyPerspectives  There was a brief assignment given for today, which your student should bring to class tomorrow, Tueusday  (Students were to write one paragraph about their learning style based on a “Multiple Intelligences Test” found online).

Tomorrow we begin the unit introduction (unit 2, page 116).

Homework will be pages 120 through 123 Wednesday night (which will be the only homework from the book this week).

This unit is called “Starry Home” and poses the question: Should we Make a Home is Space?  Students will learn to write an argumentative essay during this unit, and a response to the novel Ender’s Game.

Email me if you have any questions:  greenlew@canby.k12.or.us

Will Greenleaf

A Note About Homework and Class Activities

We are starting to hit our stride in my classes and I am pleased with the student engagement.

We are currently working on grammar and general writing concepts, and we are working toward developing a classroom culture of curiosity and mutual respect.

Homework is rather simple at this point.  Students are to be working on a list of words they either misspell or find interesting.  (I discourage students from choosing strange or unusual words if they struggle to spell common words).  This list is due at the beginning of each week.

We are also working through basic writing skills such as complete sentences and proper paragraphs.  There was homework for this, but it appears that students have been able to complete it during class.

Please feel comfortable in sending me emails regarding any issues, especially those concerning your child.

Will Greenleaf

Word A Day

Our First Week in English

Welcome to the new school year!  Sending our children back to school changes a lot in our homes, and I hope the changes this Fall have been happy ones for you.

I am Will Greenleaf, and I teach your student English/Language Arts.

I sent a syllabus home (and I will attach it to this email as well), but it really does not address a lot of the “nitty gritty” elements of my class. Homework will come from me, starting next week.  I will have details on it soon, but expect that your student should put in about 15 – 20 minutes for my class four or five times a week to keep up.  The homework will vary depending on the unit we are working currently working on (we will be starting our grammar and writing unit next week).

I want this to be the best year for your student and I appreciate any input you may have.  Just email me at greenlew@canby.k12.or.us

Sincerely, Mr. GreenleafSyllabus Pages 2017-18

“The Tell Tale Heart” Videos & Quiz

We are working our way through an Edgar Allan Poe unit.  (The summative project is worth 70 points and is a project of the student’s choosing/creation.  The requirements are that it be about Poe, and that it informs us regarding three truths about Poe or his times.)

Below are links to videos and a quiz about Poe’s “The Tell Tale Heart”.

Video 1:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wDLLHTdVSgU

Video 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UXqUGUQTXFM

Quiz: Tell Tale Heart Quiz


Irony Links

We are wrapping up The Pearl unit.  We have one more major task to do, and that is a literary response essay to the book.

Meanwhile, this week we looked at the concept of irony.  There are three types: situational irony, verbal irony, and dramatic irony.  Below are some links to videos which may help students understand them:




Verbal Irony: Yogi Berra

The Pearl

Kino's Pearl

The Holocaust unit is done, State testing for Language Arts is finished, Spring Break has come and gone, and now we are back to work on a new unit.

We are reading John Steinbeck’s The Pearl.  In this unit students are learning a variety of literary terms and concepts.  There is some writing here and there through the unit, reading (of course), class discussions, and a lot of worksheets.  The grading for this unit will be a collection of all this work into a comb-bound book which will receive a summative grade which will comprise the majority of the grade for this new grading period.

Our first step was a brief essay written using information from two sources (a video and an article):  The Sea of Cortez Pearl Video and The History of Pearling in La Paz.  Students are to watch the video, taking notes, read the article, and then write a brief essay about pearls.  This essay is a part of the portfolio and will be graded at the end of the term.

Tracking all the components of this portfolio will be a challenge.  To help with that, each part, as it is introduced, is stapled to the wall beside the grades in the back of the classroom.  Students who have absences are encouraged to check those and compare them with what they have in their file folders.  Students are also encouraged to check with me on their progress so I may advise them.

Kino Scorpion Vignette

Note Cards

Last week we learned how to make note cards, and did a few.  This week we are making them.  There is extra credit available on this assignment, simply by doing more of them (some students are doing over 60!).

All work on note cards for our research essays should be done by Friday, February 24th.

On Monday we will organize those cards and students will turn them in for grades.

Note cards should have one fact or note; they should not have a lot of information on them.  This will allow the notes to be placed into an order that will make it easier to write.

The points for the cards are based on two things: 1. quantity, and 2. a source is listed in parenthesis.  That source should be the first few words of the bibliography information (see previous posts), and needs to be enough words to distinguish it from other sources.

Below is the agenda that was on the board this past week which shows how the summative grade for this assignment is done.