2018/19 Parent Handbook


click here: 2018/19 ParentHandbook  

The 2018/19 “Parent Handbook” contains information that is important to your 4th graders classroom.  It answers frequently asked questions and clarifies information.  Please familiarize yourself with it’s contents, and keep it handy for future reference throughout the school year.


If you are interested in chaperoning a field trip, please review the section of the handbook explaining chaperone requirements. 

Your Shopping Pays Our Class!



Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 4.11.22 PMHow would you like to make online shopping websites donate to your child’s classroom with no cost to you?

Please read the Invitation below and click the link to sign up at our class account.  You will also be prompted to download the “Ziggedy Reminder” browser add-on so that anytime you shop online at any of the stores that sponsor Ziggedy, a little reminder will come up to go through the Ziggedy account.  Because you went through our link to shop, the store donates a small percentage of what you purchased directly to our class. That’s it!!

Also, whenever a parent installs the “Ziggedy reminder” browser add on and keeps it on their device for 90 days, our class automatically gets $5 from Ziggedy!  It’s a really cool way to help our class while simply shopping online (which many of us do anyway).

All money donated by these websites will go toward field trips and art materials.

PDF:  Invitation

Sign Up:  http://www.ziggedy.com/WilliamTGallagher/signup


Additional Class Websites

Please click on the “Educational Websites” link for information regarding many other sites we are using in class.  I will also be using some of these sites for digital homework (TBD)

Screen Shot 2016-12-07 at 2.14.30 PM

A new addition to our website list is Digital Readworks   I often use the regular Readworks site to download various stories to use in class.  However, Readworks has added the digital site so that teachers can assign articles and quizzes.  Your child’s log-in information is located on his/her technology card which should always be kept in binder.)

Screen Shot 2016-12-07 at 2.23.28 PM  CLEVER LOG IN

iReady is another service our district has purchased.  Teachers use the information in these tests to determine appropriate instruction.  Teachers give the tests 3 times a year in place of the old Dibels tests. Students should not click on iReady as this is a testing site only.



Students can acess Moby Max through Clever or the Knight Website.  MobyMax, and Digital Readworks send information to my teacher dashboard so students are held accountable, and I can see their progress.


Click our new link on the above menu, “EDUCATIONAL WEBSITE LINKS,” to find websites that your child has accounts for.  These are all websites that we use in class, especially during lab time and Friday centers.  Have your child visit these websites at home for extra practice or additional homework.  I will see all student results on the “teacher page” of most websites. Occasionally, I will assign articles to read or mini videos to watch for homework.  These websites are awesome and are designed by reputable organizations like:  The Smithsonian, The Museum of Natural Science, National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, just to name a few.

Homework Philosophy


Many factors influence the healthy development of a child.  After-school activities such as Scouts, piano lessons, and sports provide valuable life lessons as a part of growing up. Homework, too, can play an important role in this process.  Research has shown that when students do a little bit of homework each day, it:

Reinforces the learning they have done in school

Develops positive work habits

Enhances student achievement

I believe that students should do some homework each evening. However, on some days, your schedule may not permit the usual dose of homework. Students will have a weekly homework packet assigned that is primarily a spelling unit and math reinforcement pages. Since the student has 6 days, including a weekend, to finish the packet, there is NO EXCUSE not to finish it.  The homework packet should always be kept behind the homework tab in your child’s binder.  Classwork that is not finished in class becomes homework.  The assignment sheets will help you figure out what is incomplete classwork. 

I do not assign homework just as “busy work.”  It has to have an educational purpose. If you wish to have your child do more homework, here are some other activities you might like to try:      

(Please also ask your child to show you their technology card for activities they can do at home with any browser on a computer, tablet, cell phone, ipod….)


Using classroom websites recommended by teacher (your child has a technology card with user names and passwords for this)

Studying weekly spelling list

Completing unfinished work from class

Book reports

Learning or practicing basic math facts (multiplication tables)

Writing a story or journaling

Organizing backpacks, binders and notes

Researching more information on a topic being studied at school

Reading the newspaper (Using the newspaper to highlight/circle sight words for example)

Reading to a family member (for example, while fixing dinner)

Writing their own mathematics problems and solving them

Making a list of words they are misspelling and then studying them

Playing a non-electronic educational game  (Dominoes, cards, monopoly, etc.)

Practicing a musical instrument

An average of 60 minutes of uninterrupted homework per day is suggested and considered developmentally appropriate for Fourth Grade. At least 25 minutes of the 60 minutes should be reserved for reading. Some adult guidance has a huge effect on the success of developing good study habits.

I look forward to working together with you to empower your child this year!!! 

Ms. Gallagher


Muchos factores influyen en el desarrollo saludable de sus hijos.  Las actividades llevadas a cabo después de clases, tales como ser parte de los/las “Boys/Girls Scouts” (niños/as exploradores, lecciones de piano y deportes, proporcionan lecciones muy valiosas en la vida que forman parte del crecimiento de los niños. 

La tarea escolar a su vez, juega un papel muy importante en este proceso.  Investigaciones realizadas en esta area han mostrado que cuando los estudiantes hacen un poco de tarea cada día: 

Refuerza el aprendizaje que tienen en la escuela

Desarrolla hábitos de trabajo positivos

Realza el éxito del estudiante

Yo pienso que sea lo mejor si los estudiantes hacen su tarea cada noche. Aunque cada familia tiene su mismo horario y no es necesario hacer tareas cada noche si no hay tiempo. Para este propósito deseo que sepa que mi definición de tarea es la siguiente: “Tarea” es una actividad que resaltará el aprendizaje de sus niños.  Estas actividades pueden incluir o no, trabajo de nuestra clase (aunque la mayoría de las veces esto es lo más recomendable).  Estas actividades pueden incluir:

Terminar trabajos y proyectos pendientes

Reportes de libros

Lectura en casa (leer en voz alta)

Aprender o practicar información básica (multiplication facts)

Escribir una historia (escribir en un diario)

Organizar las mochilas, carpetas y notas

Investigar más información sobre un tema que estemos estudiando en la escuela 

Leer el periódico (Utilizando el periódico para marcar o encerrar en un círculo la palabra de la semana)

Leer con un miembro de la familia (por ejemplo, mientras la cena está siendo preparada)

Escribir sus propios problemas matemáticos y resolverlos

Hacer una lista con las palabras que se les dificultan y estudiarlas

Jugando un juego educacional que no sea electrónico (Dominó, barajas, monopolio, etc.)

Tocar algún instrumento musical

Se sugieren de 45 minutos de tarea por día, (sin interrupción y con la ayuda de un adulto) y se considera apropiado para el nivel de desarrollo de un estudiante de cuarto grado. 25-30 minutos debe ser reservado por lectura.

¡¡¡Espero con gusto la oportunidad de trabajar junto con usted para un mejor aprovechamiento de este año escolar por parte de sus hijos!!!

Sra. Theresa Gallagher

Cave Projects


Check out the awesome cave projects students turned in after winter break! They did a really good job.  All caves will be placed in the glass case at the front hallway of our school for viewing.