Welcome to BPMS

Welcome back to school!   I am very excited to share the journey of this coming school year with you. This year brings so many opportunities to grow and learn. I want to learn about you but first, let me share a few things about myself. I have worked in the Canby School District for 16 years. I love working at BPMS. It is a wonderful school with great teachers, support staff and administrators.

Please feel free to contact me if you have questions or concerns about your student. You can reach me at 503-263-7170, ext. 3663 or craigl@canby.k12.or.us

Topic Sentences

The Fundamental Language Arts students are focusing on creating topic sentences!

A topic sentence:

-includes the reason for writing

-shows the main idea; what the writer will prove or explain.

Topic sentences:

  • Are used in information paragraphs and reports
  • Can be very short.  *I love to ride my bike.
  • Can be very long.  *After school and on the weekends, I spend lots of time enjoying my bike.
  • Are used for writing in all subjects!
    • Math – Today I learned about subtraction.
    • Science – Our experiment with salt, sugar and water showed two facts about evaporation.
    • Social Studies – Many people work in our city.
    • Language Arts:  The move and book called Charlotte’s Web are alike but not exactly the same.