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April 2018 Scholarship Opportunities

April 18 Scholarships

A few reminders:

**This is the LAST Scholarship List for the year.  Make sure you take advantage of these opportunities.

** After you graduate, you won’t be eligible for many of the scholarships we’ve listed this year.  Most colleges have a scholarship section on their website for current students.  Check there early in your freshman year so that you don’t miss out!


  • Clackamas Community College Reps will be in the Career Center on May 3rd to talk with interested Seniors. It’s NOT TOO LATE to go to CCC next year.
  • If you are going to a 2-year or career school, you should do your application soon if you haven’t already. You should have already filed your FAFSA & applied for Oregon Promise.
  • If you are going to a 4-year college, you should have applied, submitted SAT or ACT scores, and filed your FAFSA by now.


  • Letters with financial aid offers should be coming from colleges in the next month. You will have to sign an acceptance form.


Local Scholarship Applications 2018

Below are the applications for all of the Local (Canby-only) Scholarships. Each application is a fillable PDF, so you can type your information into the cover sheet & print it out.  Type essay answers in a separate document.


**ALL LOCAL SCHOLARSHIPS ARE DUE MONDAY, APRIL 16th.  A few applications are mis-marked.**

American Legion Auxiliary Past Presidents

No GPA requirement.  Write an essay about a patriotic topic.  Must be a child/grandchild of a Veteran.  First priority given to the child/grandchild of an American Legion or Ladies’ Auxiliary member.    AuxiliaryPastPresApp18

Bob Rapp Memorial

No GPA requirement.  Must be a senior who played softball at CHS.   BobRappApp.18

Canby Booster Club (attach CHS Activity Chart)

2.75 GPA.  Must have been involved in school activities.  No essay!  BoosterApp.18

Canby Education Association (attach CHS Activity Chart)

No GPA requirement.  Must be planning a career as a teacher.   CEA App.18

CHS Art Department

2.5+ GPA.  Must be planning to study art.  Must submit an art portfolio.  ArtDeptApp.18

Canby Garden Club

No GPA requirement.  Must be planning to study horticulture or a related field.  GardenClubApp.18

Canby Junior Basketball Association (attach CHS Activity Chart)

3.0+ GPA.  Must have played at least 3 seasons of Canby Jr. Basketball.   CJBA App.18

Canby Kiwanis 

3.0+ GPA.  Community service is very important.  KiwanisApp.18

Canby Lions (attach CHS Activity Chart)

2.5+ GPA.  Community service, extra-curriculars important.  Extra consideration to student who have/are involved with causes supporting hearing or vision impairments.   LionsApp18

Canby Rotary Scholarships (attach CHS Activity Chart)

The Canby Rotary sponsors 4 different scholarships.  They all use the same application.   RotaryApp.18

Canby Rotary – 3.0+ GPA.  Live in Canby School District.

Richard Brown – 3.0+ GPA.  Attending a small college.  Overcoming obstacles.

Don Peterson – 3.0+ GPA.  Strong Leadership skills.

Canby TelCom – 3.0+ GPA.  Live in a home served by Canby TelCom (DirectLink)

Canby Track & Field (attach CHS Activity Chart)

No GPA Requirement.  Member of Canby Track & Field team.  Planning to attend college in Oregon.   Track&FieldApp18

Cutsforth Family Education (attach CHS Activity Chart)

2.5-3.5 GPA.  Must be planning a career as a teacher.  CutsforthApp.18

Duncan Ward  (attach CHS Activity Chart)

No GPA requirement.  Essays, overcoming obstacles important.  WardApp.18

Earl & Sabina Oliver (attach CHS Activity Chart)

2.5+ GPA.  Essays, extra-curriculars and community service important.  OliverApp18

Hawksoft (attach CHS Activity Chart)

3.0+ GPA.  Must be planning to major in Computer Science or related field.  Hawksoft App.18

Howard Giesy Foundation (attach CHS Activity Chart)

No GPA requirement.  Specifically for the “non-traditional” scholarship winner.  Obstacles to success (ELL, IEP, teen parent, substance issues, serious family trauma, etc) important.   GiesyApp.18     Giesy Recommendation Form 18

Michael Miller (attach CHS Activity Chart)

2.0+ GPA.  Varsity Athlete at CHS.   MillerApp18

Mike Rogers Trade

No GPA requirement.  Must be planning a career in a traditional “trade”  (e.g. plumbing, welding, construction, electrical, truck driving, heavy equipment, landscaping, etc.)  Priority to child/grandchild of American Legion, Ladies Auxiliary or Veteran.  MikeRogers App 18

Norm Christiansen

No GPA requirement.  Must be planning a career in Fire Science or Emergency Services.  Christiansen App.18

91 School PTO (Attach CHS Activity Chart)

No GPA requirement.  Must have attended 91 School for at least 3 years.  91 PTO App.18

Ron Sauber 

2.5 GPA for SENIOR YEAR ONLY.  Overcoming obstacles & improvement in school performance is important.  First priority to Alternative Ed students.  SauberApp.18

Sedonia Gelbrich (Attach CHS Activity Chart)

3.5+ GPA.  Must be on track to earn an Honors diploma.  GelbrichApp.18

Sons of the American Legion

No GPA requirement.  First priority to a child/grandchild of a Legion or Ladies Auxiliary member; next to the child/grandchild of a Veteran.  SAL App 18

Wayne Yoder (Attach CHS Activity Chart)

No GPA requirement.  Must be pursuing a career in fire science or emergency services.  YoderApp.18



CHS Activity Chart

Seniors can use the CHS Activity Chart as a way to organize their activities and accomplishments for the Local Scholarship Applications (available March 1, 2018).

Here is a sample of a completed activity chart:  Sample Senior Activity Chart

The Activity Chart Master is a GoogleDoc.  Students can click the link & make a copy of the  to use in their own Google account.

Directions for CHS Activity Chart.18




March 2018 Scholarship Opportunities

Here are more good scholarship options for graduating Seniors.  Don’t forget to apply for the local scholarships as well!


March 2018 Scholarships



  • If you are going to a 4-year college, you should have applied, submitted SAT or ACT scores, and filed your FAFSA by now.
  • If you are going to a 2-year or career school, you should do your application SOON if you haven’t already. You should have already filed your FAFSA.
  • Letters with financial aid offers should be coming from colleges in the next month. You will have to sign an acceptance form.
  • You should be working hard on scholarship applications for these and for the Local (CHS only) scholarships. There are fewer opportunities in April and almost none after that.
  • Have you asked teachers/coaches/bosses/pastors/scout leaders, etc for letters of recommendation for your scholarship applications? Make sure you give plenty of time and information.


Forecasting Info for Current 8th Graders – 2018

Here is all of the information that was shared at the Parent Night, Monday, March 5th in the Fine Arts Auditorium.

Parent Night Slide Show

Counseling fresh parent info.18


Vocabulario Preparatoria 18

Tips for Student Success.18

SPNTips for Student Success.18

Parent FAQ.18

Preguntas de los Padres 18


CHS Administrators & Academic Counselors will visit 91 School on Tuesday, March 6th and Baker Prairie MS on Wednesday, March 7th.  Students will receive the following information:


9th Forecasting Plan 18-19

Elective Options Frosh 18-19

Online Forecasting Instructions 8th.18


Feel free to contact your student’s middle school counselor or CHS Academic Counselor if you have questions:

Andrew Young (last names A-G) –

Kelly Nace-Jindrich (last names H-O)

Daren Gilbert (last names P-Z)


Forecasting Information for current 9th/10th/11th graders – 2018

Current CHS students will receive forecasting information during Advisory on Wednesday, March 7th.  


Online Forecasting Instructions.18


For Current Freshmen:

10th Forecasting Plan 18-19

Elective Options Soph 18-19

FAQs for Current Freshmen


For Current Sophomores:

11th Forecasting Plan 18-19

Elective Options Jrs 18-19

FAQs for Current Sophomores


For Current Juniors:

12th Forecasting Plan 18-19

Elective Options Srs 18-19

FAQs for Current Juniors


**Academic Counselors are available to help before/after school and at lunch.**


January Scholarship Opportunities


Access the January Scholarship List here:

Upcoming Test Deadlines

SAT – March 10, 2018. Register by February 9th   Register @

ACT – February 10, 2018. Register by January 12th   Register @

Important Dates

Admissions Rep from Portland Community College, January 17th, 10:15am.  Sign up in the Career Center

*Admission Reps from Clackamas Community College. February 8th & 9th. Sign up for a one-on-one meeting in the Career Center.

Done FAFSA yet??  It’s getting late!

FAFSA website:

For more info on FAFSA, see the Counseling blog on the CHS website:



December 2017 Scholarship Opportunities


December 2017 Scholarship List


Upcoming Tests:

SAT – March 10, 2018.  Register by February 9th        Register @

ACT – February 10, 2018.  Register by January 12th     Register @


  • Filed the FAFSA.** This is the most important step in the financial aid process. Go to
  • Applied for the Oregon Promise Grant. This can cover tuition at an Oregon community college for students with a 2.5+ GPA.Go to:
  • Submitted your application if you to attend a four-year college in the fall. Community College applications can be submitted now or in the spring.

**Students who are not eligible to file FAFSA should file the ORSAA, an application for financial aid from the State of Oregon.  See your Academic Counselor for details.  Go to:



8th Grade Forecasting–Class of 2021

Information for current 8th graders forecasting for 2017-2018

These are the handouts that the 8th graders received from the high school counselors on March 7th (91) and March 8th (BPMS).

9th Forecasting Plan 17-18      Elective Options Frosh 17-18     Online Forecasting Instructions.17

These are the handouts from the Parent Information night  held at Canby HS on Monday, March 6th.

8th Grade Parent Worksheet.17

Counseling fresh parent info.17     Parent FAQ.17     HS VOCABULARY.17     Tips for Student Success.17

If you or your student has questions about the forecasting process, you are welcome to contact your middle school staff or the CHS Counseling Office at 503-263-7219.