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March 2019

March 19 Scholarship List

 Now Is The Time:

  • If you are going to a 4-year college, you should have applied, submitted SAT or ACT scores, and filed your FAFSA by now.
  • If you are going to a 2-year or career school, you should do your application SOON if you haven’t already. You should have already filed your FAFSA.
  • Letters with financial aid offers should be coming from colleges in the next month. You will have to sign an acceptance form.
  • You should be working hard on scholarship applications for these and for the Local (CHS only) scholarships. There are fewer opportunities in April and almost none after that.
  • Have you asked teachers/coaches/bosses/pastors/scout leaders, etc for letters of recommendation for your scholarship applications? Make sure you give plenty of time and information.


2019 Local Scholarships

Starting March 1st, you will have the opportunity to apply for the 2019 Local Scholarships.  All of these scholarships will be awarded to CHS seniors.  There will be over $110,000 in awards.  You should apply for as many as you can!

Not all of these scholarships require high GPAs.  Some are based on career plans, where you live, community service activities, or obstacles overcome.

Here is the list of all the scholarships & criteria:  Local Scholarship Descriptions

Here is the link to the form you fill out to print out the cover sheets:  Local Scholarship Cover Sheets


CHS Activity Chart

Seniors can use the CHS Activity Chart as a way to organize their activities and accomplishments for the Local Scholarship Applications (available March 1, 2019).

Here is a sample of a completed activity chart:  Sample Senior Activity Chart

The Activity Chart Master is a GoogleDoc.  Students can click the link & make a copy of the  to use in their own Google account.

Directions for CHS Activity Chart.19


Letter of Recommendation Request Form

When you ask a teacher/boss/coach, etc for a letter of recommendation, please keep the following things in mind:

– Give at least 2 weeks time to write a good letter
– Make the request in writing
– Include a resume or list of activities during high school
– You CANNOT have a relative write you a letter of recommendation

Below is a “fillable” PDF of a Letter of Recommendation Request form that you can type in & print to give to the adults who will write your recommendations. The second page is an Activities List that you can use if you don’t already have a resume or activities list.

Letter of Recommendation Request Form

February Scholarship Opportunities

February 2019 Scholarships

Upcoming Test Deadlines

SAT  March 9, 2019. Register by February 8th  Register @

ACT  April 13, 2019 Register by March 8th  Register @

Great Opportunities

Be entered in a drawing for free tuition waiver for 4 credits for 2019-2012 at CCC.  Attend the Senior Incentive @ the Clackamas Skills Competition—February 28th. Sessions at 9am,10am, 11am, 12pm and 1pm.  Get information about applications, scholarships, placement tests and scheduling classes.  Sign up in the Career Center!

 $$$$$Local Scholarship List will come out on March 1st.  This will be a whole list of scholarships that will be awarded to Canby HS seniors.  Don’t miss out on the money!!

Remember, the deadline for the Oregon Promise Grant is March 1st.  You must file the FAFSA as well.

 Submitted your FAFSA yet?  Now is the time.  Go to today!

January 2019 Scholarship Opportunities

January 2019 Scholarship List


If you are applying to a 4-year college in Oregon, application deadlines are coming up quickly.  Many colleges set a “priority deadline” which means that they may accept applications after that if there is additional space.  It’s wise to meet the following deadlines:

Jan 15th – U of O, Willamette University, George Fox University

Feb 1st – OSU, SOU, WOU, EOU, PSU, Linfield

Mar 1st – Oregon Tech (OIT)

Mar 15th – University of Portland

Upcoming Test Deadlines

SAT – March 9, 2019. Register by February 8th     Register @

ACT – February 9, 2019. Register by January 11th   Register @


December 2018 Scholarship Opportunities

December 2018 Scholarship List

Upcoming Deadlines

SAT – March 9, 2019.  Register by February 8th            Register @

ACT – February 9, 2018.  Register by January 11th          Register @


  • Filed the FAFSA.** This is the most important step in the financial aid process. Go to
  • Applied for The Oregon Promise Grant. This can cover tuition at an Oregon community college for students with a 2.5+ GPA.
  • Submitted your application if you to attend a four-year college in the fall. Community College applications can be submitted now or in the spring.

**Students who are not eligible to file FAFSA should file the ORSAA, an application for financial aid from the State of Oregon.  See your Academic Counselor for details.  Go to:



November 2018 Scholarship Opportunities

November 2018 Scholarship Opportunities

Upcoming Test Deadlines

SAT:  March 9, 2019.  Register by February 8th      Register @

ACT:  February 9, 2019.  Register by January 4th   Register @

Done your FAFSA Yet?  Now is the time!

CCC FAFSA Lab – Open computer labs with free assistance to fill out your FAFSA.  Monday-Thursday 10am-1pm and 1:30-3pm.  Roger Rook Hall on the Clackamas Community College campus.  Free to any student/family; not just for CCC students.



October 2018 Scholarship Opportunities

October 2018 Scholarship List

Upcoming College Visits – Sign up in the Career Center.

10/5 –  9:30am – Western Oregon University

10/9 –  8:00am – Willamette University

10/15 – 8:00am – George Fox University

10/15 – 10:15am – Southern Oregon University

10/16 –  8:00am – Northern Arizona University

10/22 – 1:30pm –University of Oregon

10/25 – 2:15pm – University of Laverne

10/29 – 1:00pm – University of Puget Sound

10/30 – 8:45am – Montana State University

11/9 – 1:45pm – College of Idaho

10/31 – 9am – Linfield College

11/2 – 10:35am – Western Oregon University

Thè National College Fair, Oregon Convention Center, Sunday, October 28, 2018 1pm-5pm and Monday, October 29, 2018 9am – Noon.

Upcoming Test Deadlines

Next SAT is November 3, 2018 (register by October 5th)  @ ACT is December 8, 2018.  Register by November 2nd  @

Scholarship Search & Financial Aid Websites                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            


Scholarship Application tips

Don’t Get Scammed Looking For Scholarships

(Little ways to help win big bucks)

Scholarships are awarded to the students who can show on paper that they are the most qualified applicants. Incomplete and messy applications may be passed over in favor of neater and thoroughly completed applications. Careful preparation will increase your chances of success.

The Basics

Deadline: don’t miss it. Start early, especially if you need references or transcripts.
Follow directions exactly: Many applications are designed to check how well you follow directions. Instructions mean what they say: “In your own handwriting” (print neatly), “Typed” (printed from computer), “In the space below” (write here not on attached paper), etc.

Neatness: Print using black ink. Word process whenever possible. Most applications are available online and should be completed on a computer. Some can be scanned in, completed and then printed for a neater appearance.

Spelling and grammar: Use a dictionary and spell-check. Read it back to yourself out loud. Have a teacher or parent proofread the application.

Answer everything: Don’t leave any blanks empty (unless told to), write “none” or “N/A” (not applicable) where appropriate.


Choose carefully: Be sure what type of references are requested (sometimes a teacher of a specific class or an advisor of a particular club). If unspecified then give a variety of carefully chosen references. Good choices include pastor, employers, teachers, counselor, club advisor, or long-time family friend (not a peer or family member).

Attached recommendations: If letters of reference are to be included with the application:
Give the person at least 2 weeks to write the letter. You will get a better reference.
Tell them about the scholarship and what the judging criteria are. For example if it is based on leadership skills, communication skills, sportsmanship, volunteerism, etc., the person can specifically address their knowledge of you in that area.

Short Answer or Essay-type Questions

Thorough and exact: Thoroughly answer all parts of the question asked.
Length: Follow guidelines for length; more isn’t always better.
Proofread: Write a rough draft, proofread, and then copy onto the application. Concise, well-worded, neat, and grammatically correct answers will impress.

Help Yourself

Keep a file of your important information handy and updated so you don’t have to look it up each time. Jobs, clubs, awards, activities, references, etc. Save copies of applications and essays, often you can use the same thing again with minor changes. This includes papers you have written for school. Sometimes you can use an application essay to meet the requirements of a class assignment and get double benefit for the time you spend.