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Freshmen Four Year Course Plans

Counselors will present Four Year Course Planning Information to all freshmen students during freshmen English classes sometime within Trimester 1 & 2 of this school year.

Four Year Course Planning is important for the following reasons:

-To learn and plan for high school graduation requirements
-To learn and plan for college entry requirements
-To learn and plan for Honors Diploma and/or College Credit classes
-To meet State Of Oregon Graduation Requirements (as part of an Educational Plan & Profile)

Most of the information emphasized is from our Academic Planning Guides

Students are shown the typical progression of academic classes through the flowcharts in the Academic Planning Guide on page 29 (English), page 37 (Math), page 40 (Science), page 44 (Social Studies).

The students course plan is started on a document called the MAPP (My Academic Plan & Profile) in 9th grade English class, and then the MAPP is updated every year in high school, through 10th grade Future Focus Classes, and 11th and 12th grade Advisory Groups.

See the document here,