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ACC Credits through Clackamas Community College

Canby High School offers many classes for dual credit- through both Canby High and Clackamas Community College. See the 2016-2017 list below. In order to get the CCC credit, you must register. Please use this link to get more information. CHS Advanced College Credit

Canby High School

These college credits can be used at Clackamas Community College or transferred to
another college or university. These courses are offered at Canby High School:

Accounting II /BA111 /3 credits
Advanced Placement English /WR121, ENG104, ENG 106 /4 credits each
Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries/ PE 260/ 2 credits
Children’s Art & Literature /ED 150 /3 credits
Discrete Math/Trig. /MA105/5 credits
Floriculture Commercial Design /HOR 232 /3 credits
Floriculture Flower Arranger’s Garden /HOR 248 /3 credits
German III /GER 101, 102, 103 /4 credits each
Graphic Design 2 /ART 225 /3 credits
Medical Terminology II /MA110 /3 credits
AP Physics /PH 201, 202/ 5 credits each
Pre-Calculus /MTH 111, MTH 112 /5 credits each
AP Calculus /MTH 251, MTH 252 /5 credits each
Spanish III /SPN 101, 102, 103 /4 credits each
Spanish IV /SPN 201, 202, 203 /4 credits each

**Canby High School also offers dual credit through Portland Community College for Construction & CAD, Oregon Technology for Advanced Biology Evolution and Advanced Speech, and Blue Mountain Community College for Agriculture. See your instructor in these courses for details and registration.