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College Testing



Four year colleges require students to submit either ACT or SAT scores. The ACT is the American College Testing program. The SAT is the Scholastic Aptitude Test. The tests give colleges an indication of a students academic readiness for college level instruction. Most schools accept scores from either test.

Both tests assess students in English and Math. The ACT also includes a Science section. There is also an optional Writing test offered on both the SAT and ACT. The SAT has scores ranging up to 800 in each of the two sections, for a total possible score of 1600. A 4-year college bound student should score 1000 or higher. The ACT has scores ranging up to 36 in each of the four sections, and they also give a composite or average score. A good score for the ACT is 22 and higher.

A student can take the tests as often as they would like, however 2-3 times is on average when scores are the highest. Most colleges will combine the best sub-scores from multiple tests to get a best representation of a student’s ability. Test preparation usually improves test scores, and options vary from self-prep to test prep classes to simply taking the PSAT (Practice SAT) and reviewing results.

It is recommended that top students take the SAT or ACT for the first time at the end of their junior year or when they are taking Honors Algebra 2- as that is the math level tested . Then they can take the test a second time, if so desired, in the early fall of the senior year. This will allow time for the student to have scores sent to colleges between December – February, when most college applications are due.

To register for the SAT, and/or get prep materials, go to

To register for the ACT, and/or get prep materials, go to

Other Self-prep options include acquiring prep books from the public library or local book store, or visiting sites, like
or Khan Academy



or students can access Peterson/s Test Prep through the CHS created CIS Portfolio,

For prep classes, students can sign up for classes from:
Saturday Academy
Portland Community College Community Ed – Test Prep

Foreign Exchange Programs

Many students are interested in Foreign Exchange programs. Studying & living abroad is a wonderful experience. In a average school year, two CHS students are living in another country as exchange students and we welcome four or five international students to CHS. Here are some basic facts to know if you are considering an exchange.

– Exchange programs can last 1 semester or 1 year. Some programs also run 4-8 week summer programs.

– Generally, your Junior year is the best year to go. It’s difficult to get graduation & college plans squared away if you are out of the country during your senior year.

– Most exchange programs have some basic requirements. Students usually must be between 15-18 years of age. Some have a minimum GPA requirement, often 2.8 or higher. Depending on the program and/or country, there may also be language requirements.

– Cost of exchange programs varies widely. For semester or school year programs the costs can be anywhere from $3000-$9000. This cost does not include airfare or living expenses. It covers the actual exchange program only.

– Not every exchange program allows you to choose your destination. Often, you will have a “wish list” of 3-6 countries or you may be guaranteed a geographical region (e.g South America, Eastern Europe, etc.)

– Canby High School will accept credits earned while you are on exchange (maximum of 8.0 credits). These classes are listed with a “P” for Pass rather than a letter grade.

Below is a list of some state-approved exchange programs with representatives in Oregon.

AFS International Programs
ASSE International Student Exchange Programs
North West Student Exchange
Youth For Understanding
Cultural Homestay International
Education First Foundation
Rotary International
Education, Travel and Culture
International Student Exchange

FAFSA/Financial Aid Presentation

Clackamas Community College & the CHS Academic Counselors will be doing a “Financial Aid for Beginners” presentation on October 17, 2018 in both Spanish and English, at 6:30PM in Room 1 & 4 (Fourth Street Center), during Parent Conferences.


Call the Counseling Office at 503-263-7219 for more information.

October 2018 Scholarship Opportunities

October 2018 Scholarship List

Upcoming College Visits – Sign up in the Career Center.

10/5 –  9:30am – Western Oregon University

10/9 –  8:00am – Willamette University

10/15 – 8:00am – George Fox University

10/15 – 10:15am – Southern Oregon University

10/16 –  8:00am – Northern Arizona University

10/22 – 1:30pm –University of Oregon

10/25 – 2:15pm – University of Laverne

10/29 – 1:00pm – University of Puget Sound

10/30 – 8:45am – Montana State University

11/9 – 1:45pm – College of Idaho

10/31 – 9am – Linfield College

11/2 – 10:35am – Western Oregon University

Thè National College Fair, Oregon Convention Center, Sunday, October 28, 2018 1pm-5pm and Monday, October 29, 2018 9am – Noon.

Upcoming Test Deadlines

Next SAT is November 3, 2018 (register by October 5th)  @ ACT is December 8, 2018.  Register by November 2nd  @

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