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Forecasting 2017

FORECASTING For 2017-2018

Information for all grades:

Online Forecasting Instructions.17

Remember that you must access Synergy through a browser to do your forecasting.  It doesn’t work through the app.

Information for current 9th graders:

10th Forecasting Plan 17-18     Elective Options Soph 17-18   Freshman FAQs

Information for current 10th graders:

11th Forecasting Plan 17-18     Elective Options Jrs 17-18     Soph FAQs

Information for current 11th graders:

12th Forecasting Plan 17-18     Elective Options Srs 17-18     Jr FAQs

Academic Counselors will be available at lunch or before/after school to help students with forecasting.

8th Grade Forecasting–Class of 2021

Information for current 8th graders forecasting for 2017-2018

These are the handouts that the 8th graders received from the high school counselors on March 7th (91) and March 8th (BPMS).

9th Forecasting Plan 17-18      Elective Options Frosh 17-18     Online Forecasting Instructions.17

These are the handouts from the Parent Information night  held at Canby HS on Monday, March 6th.

8th Grade Parent Worksheet.17

Counseling fresh parent info.17     Parent FAQ.17     HS VOCABULARY.17     Tips for Student Success.17

If you or your student has questions about the forecasting process, you are welcome to contact your middle school staff or the CHS Counseling Office at 503-263-7219.