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CHS Activity Chart

Seniors can use the CHS Activity Chart as a way to organize their activities and accomplishments for the Local Scholarship Applications (available March 1, 2017).

Here is a sample of a completed activity chart:  Sample Senior Activity Chart

The Activity Chart Master is a GoogleDoc.  Students can click the link & make a copy of the  to use in their own Google account.

Directions for CHS Activity Chart




Letter of Recommendation Request Form

When you ask a teacher/boss/coach, etc for a letter of recommendation, please keep the following things in mind:

– Give at least 2 weeks time to write a good letter
– Make the request in writing
– Include a resume or list of activities during high school
– You CANNOT have a relative write you a letter of recommendation

Below is a “fillable” PDF of a Letter of Recommendation Request form that you can type in & print to give to the adults who will write your recommendations. The second page is an Activities List that you can use if you don’t already have a resume or activities list.

Letter of Recommendation Request Form

February 2017 Scholarship Opportunities


Feb 17 Scholarship List

Upcoming Test Deadlines

SAT   March 11, 2017. Register by February 10th     Register @

ACT   April 8, 20167 Register by March 3rd     Register @

Great Opportunities

Be entered in a drawing for free tuition waiver for 4 credits for 2017-2018 at CCC. Attend the Senior Incentive @ the Clackamas Skills Competition—February 23rd . Sessions at 9am,10am, 11am, 12pm and 1pm. Get information about applications, scholarships, placement tests and scheduling classes. Sign up in the Career Center!

 $$$$$Local Scholarship List will come out on March 1st. This will be a whole list of scholarships that will be awarded to Canby HS seniors. Don’t miss out on the money!!

 Remember, the deadline for the Oregon Promise Grant is March 1st. You must file the FAFSA as well.

 Submitted your FAFSA yet? Now is the time. Go to today!