Welcome back to school Eccles and Knight families.  I’m happy to be teaching p.e. at both schools again, and am looking forward to helping your children continue to improve their movement, thinking and social skills.  As in previous years I will be teaching at Eccles on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays; then moving across the field to teach at Knight on Thursdays and Fridays.  I will see every K-6 class at both schools for one 30-minute p.e. class per week.  It’s been an unusual start to the school year so far.  Poor air quality from all of the smoke from our many wildfires and hot temperatures have forced school recess into the gym at times, but it looks like things are finally starting to return to normal as recess has returned to the playgrounds and the gyms begin to finally cool down and fill with the sounds of students having fun playing games that focus on sports skills.  Grades 1-6 started the school year playing a game called Dinosaurs’ Nest, which focuses on the skills of students working together to create and move to open spaces on the floor, spatial awareness, and dodging and pursuing opponents.  Kindergarteners have been working on spatial awareness and movement skills such as sliding, galloping, skipping, hopping and jumping.  We will finish September with a short unit on throwing before playing some soccer and beginning a unit on net sports during October.  As always, I encourage you to ask your children what they have been learning about in p.e. class, and to get out and get active with them whenever you can.  Remember, the person who has the most fun wins!