Local Scholarship Applications 2016

Below are all of the applications for this year’s local (Canby High only) scholarships.  ALL APPLICATIONS ARE FILLABLE PDFs.  Type your information into the form and print it off.  Essay questions should be typed in a Word or Google document.  NO HANDWRITTEN APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED.

**The following scholarship was not listed on the printed list.

Sedonia Gelbrich Scholarship  – For students pursuing an Honors diploma

GelbrichApp 16


American Legion Post 122 Trade Scholarship – For students who are pursuing a career in a traditional “trade” — construction, electrical, plumbing, heavy equipment operation, agriculture, landscaping, truck driving, mechanics, culinary, etc.

Post Trade App 16


American Legion Auxiliary Past Presidents’ Scholarship – First priority goes to a child or grandchild of a Legion or Auxiliary member, then the child or grandchild of a veteran.



Bob Rapp Memorial Scholarship – Sponsored by the Canby High Booster Club.  It is for a  student who played softball at CHS and is planning to attend Clackamas Community College.



Canby Booster Club Scholarship – Involvement in school activities is a plus.



Canby Education Association Scholarship – For future teachers.

CEA App 16


Canby High Art Department Scholarship – For Juniors or Seniors who have taken art classes at CHS and plan to study art.  Must submit a portfolio.



Canby Junior Basketball Association Scholarships – Must have played at least 3 years of Canby Jr Basketball.  High School basketball is not a requirement.



Canby Kiwanis Scholarships – Involvement in community service is important.



Canby Lions Scholarships – Involvement in community service is important.  Extra consideration given to a student involved in causes that support vision or hearing impairment.



****The next 4 scholarships all use the same application*****

**Canby Rotary Scholarship 

**Richard R Brown Scholarship – Sponsored by the Canby Rotary for a student who will attend a small college.

**Don Peterson Scholarship – Sponsored by the Canby Rotary for a student who has demonstrated strong leadership skills.

**Canby Telcom Scholarship – Sponsored by the Canby Rotary for a student who lives in a home served by Canby TelCom.



Canby Track & Field Scholarship – For students who have competed with the CHS track team.



Cutsforth Family Education Scholarship – For future teachers



Earl & Sabina Oliver Memorial Scholarship



Howard Giesy Foundation Scholarship – Specifically designed for the “non-traditional” scholarship winner.  Overcoming obstacles is an important factor.


Giesy Recommendation Form 16


Mike Miller Memorial Scholarship – For Varsity athletes



Mike Rogers Trade Scholarship – Sponsored by the American Legion Post #122 for students pursuing a career in a traditional “trade”– construction, electrical, plumbing, heavy equipment operation, agriculture, landscaping, truck driving, mechanics, culinary, etc.

MikeRogers App 16


Norman Christiansen Memorial Scholarship – Sponsored by the Canby Volunteer Firefighters Association for a student pursuing a career in emergency services or a medical field.



91 PTO Scholarship – For students who attended 91 School for at least 3 years.

91 PTO.16


Ron Sauber Memorial Scholarship – For students who have made a turn around.  First priority to Alternative Education students.



Wayne Yoder Memorial Scholarship – Sponsored by the Aurora Volunteer Firefighters Association for a student pursuing a career in fire sciences.






FORECASTING 2016 – Current 8th Graders

Current 8th Graders and their parents are invited to attend the 8th Grade Information Night at Canby HS Fine Arts Auditorium on Monday, March 14th at 7pm.

CHS Academic Counselors will visit with 8th graders at 91 School on Tuesday, March 15th at 9:00am.

CHS Academic Counselors will visit with 8th graders at Baker Prairie Middle School on Wednesday, March 16th at 1:40pm.

Students will receive an Academic Planning Guide and a forecasting plan.  They will work with middle school staff to enter their elective choices and alternates in StudentVue.

Online Forecasting Instructions.16

9th Forecasting Plan.16

Elective Options Frosh 16-17



These are copies of the handouts that were available for parents at 8th Grade Information NIght.

Counseling Contacts

High School Vocabulary

Parent FAQs

Tips for Student Success.16



FORECASTING 2016 – Current CHS Students

Current CHS students will get forecasting materials on Friday, March 11th in Advisory.  Students will need to access their StudentVue accounts and choose their electives and alternates by Thursday, March 17th.

Online Forecasting Instructions.16

If  students want to take a class that they cannot access in StudentVue, then they will have the opportunity to fill out an Exception Sheet in Advisory on Wednesday, March 16th.

Exception Directions.16

Information for current Freshmen

10th Forecasting Plan.16

Elective Options Soph 16-17

FAQs for Freshmen

Information for current Sophomores

11th Forecasting Plan.16

Elective Options Jrs 16-17

FAQs for Sophomores

Information for current Juniors

12th Forecasting Plan.16

Elective Options Srs 16-17

FAQs for Juniors


Academic Counselors will be available at lunch and before/after school to help students complete their forecasting.




Local Scholarship Hints 2016

When you are filling out local scholarship applications, pay close attention to the directions and keep these hints in mind:

✔ All local scholarships need UNOFFICIAL transcripts with Tri 2 grades on them. It’s best to order them BEFORE Spring Break.

✔ If you need letters of recommendation, make sure to provide the person with your activities list and give them at least TWO WEEKS to write a good letter. Again—ask before Spring Break. You can also use the Letter of Recommendation Request form:  Letter of Rec Request Form

✔ Follow scholarship directions exactly. If you don’t, you may not even be considered.

✔ You will have to change the format of your activities list and you may have to adjust your essays for each scholarship. Make sure you are providing exactly the information requested in exactly the format requested.

✔ Put your name on every page of your application materials.

✔ Double check and make sure you have included everything requested for the application and nothing extra. More is not better.

✔ Do not bother putting applications in special folders or envelopes. These will be discarded before the applications go to the selection committees.

Scholarship Application tips

Don’t Get Scammed Looking For Scholarships

(Little ways to help win big bucks)

Scholarships are awarded to the students who can show on paper that they are the most qualified applicants. Incomplete and messy applications may be passed over in favor of neater and thoroughly completed applications. Careful preparation will increase your chances of success.

The Basics

Deadline: don’t miss it. Start early, especially if you need references or transcripts.
Follow directions exactly: Many applications are designed to check how well you follow directions. Instructions mean what they say: “In your own handwriting” (print neatly), “Typed” (printed from computer), “In the space below” (write here not on attached paper), etc.

Neatness: Print using black ink. Word process whenever possible. Most applications are available online and should be completed on a computer. Some can be scanned in, completed and then printed for a neater appearance.

Spelling and grammar: Use a dictionary and spell-check. Read it back to yourself out loud. Have a teacher or parent proofread the application.

Answer everything: Don’t leave any blanks empty (unless told to), write “none” or “N/A” (not applicable) where appropriate.


Choose carefully: Be sure what type of references are requested (sometimes a teacher of a specific class or an advisor of a particular club). If unspecified then give a variety of carefully chosen references. Good choices include pastor, employers, teachers, counselor, club advisor, or long-time family friend (not a peer or family member).

Attached recommendations: If letters of reference are to be included with the application:
Give the person at least 2 weeks to write the letter. You will get a better reference.
Tell them about the scholarship and what the judging criteria are. For example if it is based on leadership skills, communication skills, sportsmanship, volunteerism, etc., the person can specifically address their knowledge of you in that area.

Short Answer or Essay-type Questions

Thorough and exact: Thoroughly answer all parts of the question asked.
Length: Follow guidelines for length; more isn’t always better.
Proofread: Write a rough draft, proofread, and then copy onto the application. Concise, well-worded, neat, and grammatically correct answers will impress.

Help Yourself

Keep a file of your important information handy and updated so you don’t have to look it up each time. Jobs, clubs, awards, activities, references, etc. Save copies of applications and essays, often you can use the same thing again with minor changes. This includes papers you have written for school. Sometimes you can use an application essay to meet the requirements of a class assignment and get double benefit for the time you spend.

Senior Activity Lists

Many scholarship applications will ask you for a list of your high school activities. Different scholarships will want the information in different formats. Pay close attention to the requirements and make sure you have your information in the correct format. Here are two examples of common formats.

Sample Activity List #1

Sample Activity List #2

A list of your high school activities can also be helpful when you are requesting a letter of recommendation. Adding information about where you want to go to school and what you are planning to study would be helpful in that situation.

PSAT Scores

Most CHS sophomores and some juniors took the PSAT test in October, 2015.  Paper score reports will not be available until February.  In the meantime, you can access your scores online by doing the following:

  •   Go to https://studentscores.collegeboard.org/home
  •   If you already have a College Board account, sign in using your user name and password.
  •   If you don’t have an account, click on “Sign-Up” next to the blue “Sign In” button to create your College Board account.
  • VERY IMPORTANT:  create your account with your legal name and DON’T LOSE your user name and password.  You will need them to register for the SAT.
  • If your PSAT scores don’t appear when you log in, click the “Add Scores” button.  You may have to log out and log back in to see them.